About Us


FB Vending is one of the two largest vending operators in South Africa, now with more than 2,000 machines in the South African market.

Our highly competent sales force operates in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Limpopo, Northern Free State and Kwa Zulu Natal. These areas are serviced on a daily basis by our vending machine filler teams, to ensure that there are no vending machines out-of-stock or out-of-order.

Because we understand the importance of reliable service delivery within the on-premise consumption market, we have designed our first-class service offering to complement and enhance yours.

As a subdivision of our technical department, we also have an in-house, 24-hour call-out service to assist customers who may experience problems with machines after-hours.

FB Vending is a member of the Tobacco Institution of South Africa as well as the Vending Association of South Africa. Other business partners include Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris International. Through constant engagement with our partners, we are able to ensure that all our equipment and practices are within the Tobacco Regulations Act.



With 20 years’ experience under our belt, we’ve come to understand the market, all the ins and outs of the vending industry, and - most importantly - the needs of our customers. To ensure we meet those needs, we partner with only the most reliable vending machine suppliers, and stay up-to-date with trends and developments in the vending industry, to ensure that our excellent service is matched by the highest quality equipment.

Once we have an understanding of your specific needs, we will provide you with the perfect vending machine solution for your particular requirement. We have a huge variety of coin-operated, changing-giving, and/or note-accepting vending machines. We will supply, install and stock the vending machines in your premises, as well as monitor, replenish and maintain them, all at no cost to you whatsoever.


Below are some of our Key Account clients who trust us with their vending needs!












Cigarrete Vending



We are specialists in the supply and service of cigarette vending machines. We offer a wide variety of change-giving cigarette vending machines that are tobacco legislature compliant, easy to use, and low on electricity consumption.



ami jukeboxes mini

Beautiful modern styling and an ultra slim design that will not cramp your style. Customers enjoy finding music using the brilliant touch-screen display and the user-friendly menu system. Our jukeboxes deliver great immersive, room-filling sound with an onboard 1,000 Watt, 4 Channel Amp System.



big buck hunterpga golf challenge machine

FB Vending offers a selection of amusement machines, including the popular PGA golf amusement machines and Big Buck Hunter amusement machines.

snack vending


Bitey bites snack machine image 2

FB Vending can advise you on the most suitable snack vending machines for your specific needs. At no cost to you, we will install and stock the machines, replenish them as needed, and take care of any maintenance or technical issues.