The AMI jukeboxes are not as big and imposing as the old record jukeboxes of yesteryear, but they are just as beautiful and even more popular because of the sheer volume of songs available and user-friendly interface. Our jukeboxes bring you state-of-the-art digital technology from the USA and are audio-visual entertainment systems rather than just jukeboxes. They are much smaller and can be neatly mounted on a wall in your establishment. The HD digital display attracts and engages customers, and gives your patrons the opportunity to play their own music, thereby keeping them in your establishment longer, and increasing their spend.









The Key is Music Availability

  • Our jukeboxes offer patrons access to a huge AMI online server including thousands of South African songs.
  • We even block the display of artists, songs or genres that aren't quite right for your location.
  • Instant access to all the newest international releases without having to wait for the operator to load them onto the jukebox. 
  • Connect customers of all ages with the artists and genres they love the most - all searchable through a simple and straightforward menu. 

Powered by strong partnerships with major and independent labels, the AMI catalogue enables patrons to access every album and song imaginable or just the select few songs that best soundtrack a venue's brand.

State of the Art Functionality

  • Beautiful modern styling and an ultra slim design that will not cramp your style.
  • Customers enjoy finding music using the brilliant touch-screen display and the user-friendly menu system.
  • Our jukeboxes deliver great immersive, room-filling sound with an onboard 1,000 Watt, 4 Channel Amp System.
  • With our new Wharfedale range of speakers, we fill any room with sweet melodies. 
  • All our jukeboxes come equipped with a state of the art note and coin reader.
  • FB Vending supplies the routers and modems to keep them connected to the US server.
  • Imported from the USA, our jukebox offers you the latest and greatest international jukebox technology.


Fully Automated, but you’re in Control

  • To ensure constant entertainment, our jukeboxes can be set up to automatically play your usual background music when no songs have been selected and once a song has been selected, the built-in background music fader will fade out your music, play the selected song and automatically bring back your music once the song is finished.
  • They also perfectly complement TV sports, live music or DJ sets – you simply hit pause during such events and resume later with one click of the remote. The Jukebox will remember all selected songs and resume playing where it left off – which means no more long awkward silences during half time or DJ and band breaks.



Due to the high demand, you can now rent our awesome jukebox for your special occasion, from weddings to birthday parties, we do them all.


The NGX jukebox is a robust and reliable digital jukebox that connects your patrons with the best music library in the industry. Get peace of mind with unbeatable tech support from an operator who has been doing this for the last 30 years.

NGX Classic







NGX Mini 2